Medical degree for farmworkers’ daughter

09 December 2016


The Muratie team is incredible proud to share in Yvonne Dyum’s fantastic academic achievement.

Both her parents Cynthia and Chriswell Dyum have been working at Muratie for over 26 years. As a 14 year old she had to do a school project by conducting an interview with a professional individual. In this case she come and spoke to me as she was interested in becoming a medical doctor.

When she received her final year school results we addressed the issue with the university of Stellenbosch. They suggested she does a bridging course in mathematics and chemistry in order to re-apply the following year.

She successfully completed the course and started her medical degree in 2011 which she completed in December 2016.

We wish her all the best and am sure that she will make a huge success of her career.

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Medical degree for farmworkers' daughter