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Our Iconic Wines

Muratie has created distinctive wines for the connoisseur.
We invite you to taste our passion and dedication.

Story of Martin Melck

Martin Melck, who owned Muratie from 1763 to 1781, was a man of wealth as much as he was of Charity. But what grieved him was that the members of his Faith were forbidden to form a congregation. He never gave up Hope and built a "schuilkerk" (hidden church) - ostensibly a packing shed. It was only a year before Melck's passing that his congregation was allowed to worship openly. His greatest love though proved to be his daughter, Anna Catherina, to whom he eventually gave Muratie. Her name means Purity.

With cedarwood, cigar box and blackcurrent on the nose, and a long finish of rich savoury tapenade, cassis and sandalwood on the palate. This fine wine pays tribute to a man of Faith, Hope, Charity and Purity.

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Easter Weekend:

Muratie Wine Farm will be closed on Good Friday - 14 April 2017

Tasting Hours

Monday to Friday: 10h00 to 17h00
Saturday: 10h00 to 17h00
Sunday: 10h00 to 17h00