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Our Iconic Wines

Muratie has created distinctive wines for the connoisseur.
We invite you to taste our passion and dedication.

Ben Prins Cape Vintage Port 2012

The Story of Ben Prins

Ben Prins (winemaker at Muratie until 1987) was as unique as the wines he produced. A hard-working, no-nonsense kind of a man – quiet, contemplative and exceptionally particular – he was both a perfectionist and a traditionalist.

Any “unnecessary novelties” like shoes were “verboten” (he became endearingly known as the Barefoot Winemaker). And because of his dedication to perfection, it was said of Ben that he knew wine like the back of his hand - or indeed, his foot!

Made from traditional Portuguese varietals in a vineyard planted in the 1970s and matured in old 225 litre French Oak barrels for a minimum of two years, this world-class liqueur wine pays homage to the legend: Barefoot Ben.

See tasting notes here.

Tasting Hours

Monday to Friday: 10h00 to 17h00
Saturday: 10h00 to 17h00
Sunday: 10h00 to 17h00

Festive Season

Tasting hours:

Muratie Tasting room will close at 14.00 on 24 & 31 December 2017 and will be closed For Christmas and New Year’s Day