At Muratie, the passion for preserving our rich heritage, and the wonderful human stories that are woven into the very fabric of our history, are matched only by the way in which we produce our fine wines.

The wine industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, bringing with it some necessary advances and, sadly, losing at times some of the skill that makes winemaking the enigmatic endeavor that sets it apart in a modern world of mass production. At Muratie we are at pains to balance this blend of tradition and evolution to ensure that we continue producing the same classic wines for which we have become internationally renowned.

For example, we still handpick our grapes. This gives us a better understanding of the quality of the harvest even before we start extracting the juice. Not content with that, we then hand select the grapes on a sorting table - ensuring that only the best bunches are used in the winemaking.

Even the way we extract the juice is considered. A 3-ton open pneumatic bed presses the grapes, using a rubber membrane. We believe this is the gentlest method, avoiding mechanical crushing and grinding of the skins and seeds.

Blending the best of traditional and modern methods, we employ a combination of classic open fermentors and stainless steel tanks in the fermentation process. After fermentation, the grapes are gently pressed and the wine is matured in French oak barrels until our vintner discerns that it has reached it optimum moment to go to bottle.

Throughout the process - from fermenting to bottling - we use a balance of winemaker's intuition, time-honored processes and contemporary best practice. Even the vineyards themselves are kept pest-free by ever-vigilant flocks of ducks and geese, avoiding the need for environmentally insensitive pesticides.

If you wish to witness how wine is made in the truest sense, you are invited to visit us at the farm.