In the autumn I have an irresistible urge towards Muratie - the melancholy, the sweet passing of the season, resides in the firms name. Everything is organic here: the cellars, one feels, are an extension of nature; they smell of earth and wood and leaves. And not at all so strange: vat after vat looms up in the cellar's gloom, and at the end of a draughty passage the green of the garden presses against the railings. The cellar smells of nutmeg, in one spot it smells just like nutmeg.
Hennie Aucamp, Author

Nowhere else in this beautiful wineland of ours are you so strongly reminded that the history of wine here is as old as South Africa itself. Here you can once again become aware that the art of wine-making arose on those pieces of earth where people with an exceptional joy in life had settled.
Maureen Joubert, Journalist

..... there are can be no more picturesque sight than this tall white-gabled building set in a wooded valley and cowered over by ivy-covered oaks.
Joy Collier, Artist

It’s the smooth bouquet that counts – drink Muratie wines made from the finest grapes, ripened in the South African sun. Every drop in your glass is full of flavour and strength; it gladdens the heart and loosens the tongue. It is the strength of a pure wine that enables you to face care and trouble with a lighter heart and so quickly dissipate that feeling of depression. In this manner it incidentally fortifies the body against infection and disease..
Georg Paul Canitz

Being fermented under low temperature, all the vitamins are retained in the wine, so that on drinking these wines you get all the properties so necessary for health, fitness and energy. Muratie supplies the vitamins. No chemicals, no sulphur, ever come into contact with Muratie wines; you can drink as much as you like – the morning after is a pleasure, not a pain and the tonic and nourishing qualities of these wines make you fit for the hardest work. Remember, Muratie wines are a necessity, a tonic, a nourishment, and, in the words of a very celebrated English surgeon, “There is no finer thing for the human body than red wine and sunshine.
Georg Paul Canitz

in social life, wine plays an important part in giving warmth and colour to the talk. The wine not only takes off the rough edge of shyness but keeps the talk flowing more easily and stimulates both thought and imagination; many an idea or image flows from a glass of Muratie wine that would never have emerged from a glass of water.
Georg Paul Canitz