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Wine Goggle: Masterpiece from Muratie

15 Jan 2011

Wine Goggle: Masterpiece from Muratie

  • Wine Goggle: masterpiece from Muratie
Despite the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley having made the Heartbreak Grape its own it’s worth remembering that South Africa’s first Pinot Noir was planted on the slopes of Stellenbosch’s Simonsberg in 1927, the location being Muratie Estate. Erstwhile Muratie proprietor, artist and bon vivant George Canitz was a buddy of Prof. Abraham Perold, the viticultural guru who “invented” the Pinotage grape, and it was Perold who indulged Canitz’s wish to produce a “Burgundy” in Stellenbosch.

Prof Perold was an eager beaver to help out, although it has come to the fore that the Professor’s relationship with Muratie was based on more than a bit of experimental viticulture and a jovial drinking buddy in Canitz. Perold had a serious case of the hots for Canitz’s daughter, Annemie, and this air of romance no-doubt assisted the relevant parties to go about the task of creating Pinot Noir with heartfelt passion and possibly more than a few rootstocks were planted.

Annemie, who never married, ended up selling Muratie to the late Ronnie Melck who was keen to continue producing Pinot. “Pinot Noir is, quite simply, the world’s best party wine,” he liked to say. And Ronnie would know: today’s wine local wine narrative is so much poorer without his knowledge, palate and character...

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Source: Wine Goggle

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