Bottomless Coffee Band at Muratie

25 February 2022


After having to cancel our booked-out show in April of 2020, we are extremely excited to welcome the Bottomless Coffee Band to Muratie this May.

Lourens and Esté Rabé is a multi-instrumentalist folk-pop act from Cape Town,South Africa. The husband-and-wife duo writes, composes and performs songs about sharing a fierce love for life, music, traveling and coffee.

Date: 28 May 2022
Time: 13h00
Cost :R210 PP

Wine & Food available to purchase

Bookings are essential. All Covid protocol will be strictly adhered to.  Please remember to wear a mask. For bookings, please email or call 021 865 2330

More about Lourens and Esté:

In 2020 Bottomless Coffee Band celebrated ten years of growth and evolvement in the industry, remaining true to their vision of creating a full band from their treasure chest of instruments, just being a duo. Their vision has for a long-time brought beauty, passion, and inspiration to those around them through music. This has been evident in the reactions from captivated audiences all over Africa and Europe; regarded as one of South Africa’s most unique and exciting live music experiences.
Esté and Lourens met in the University choir as young students at the University of Stellenbosch. Their interest in coffee and blues grew quickly and today this happily married couple is filled with joy as they pursue their dream as full-time musicians together, from their beautiful home in the heart of the small Boland town, Paarl.
During 2020 Esté and Lourens used the gift of time as inspiration to match their soundwaves with the heart of the confusion, loss, healing, freedom, and all other aspects humanity had to deal with during this unprecedented time.

What started as a lighthearted folk-rock sound has developed into the alternative folk-pop direction, evident in their 2018 album, Anthelia. Having Afrikaans as their mother tongue, this duo is quickly growing their Afrikaans oeuvre of eye-catching and soul touching music in the alternative folk-pop genre in Afrikaans. With the release of PREDIKER Hoofstuk Een in 2020, this new leg of Bottomless Coffee Band’s adventure will become ever so prominent. They believe if a song does not write itself it will not be written, making their style honest and diverse, giving every song its own wings.